Coventry 2091 (Book 1 of The Coventry Chronicles)

Vulture Lake – North of Lake Superior

The Town of Kinsinger on the Planet Canaan

Town of Kinsinger – Surrounding Area

The Halcyon Dislocation (Book 1 of The Halcyon Cycle)

The Island of Halcyon

The Island University of Halcyon

The Area Around Halcyon and the Coast Mountains

TBFH Map of the Coastlands v08-019 Map Color

The City of the Dead

TBFH The City of the Dead v08-019 Color

The Battle for Halcyon (Book 2 of the Halcyon Cycle)

Eastern Feiramar and the Barrier Mountains

cropped-eastern-feiramar-color-1440-x-500-for-wi1.jpgThe Dragons of Sheol (Book 3 of the Halcyon Cycle)

The Continent of Abaddon

Abaddon_Large Map v2-01